Individual Abutments

Individual Abutments

Individual Abutments

Fully customized abutments guarantee a full and precise attachment of all parts of the prosthesis to each other. Unlike stock, or standard, abutments, that have a cylindrical shape in their neck area, individual abutments are custom-made for each patient. We use CAD/CAM technique that allows to manufacture abutments that anatomically and visually completely match a patient's teeth.

We manufacture zirconia (zirconium dioxide) abutments with titanium base and titanium abutments.

We mill titanium abutments using pre-milled abutment blanks. The base of pre-milled abutments perfectly matches the implant platform.

Using CAD/CAM technique, a digital design of an individual abutment is created. Then this design is transferred to a titanium abutment blank and the final custom abutment is milled.

Individual abutments from zirconia (zirconium dioxide) with titanium base are most often used for restorations in the so called “smile zone.” Zirconia is not only aesthetically attractive, but also strong and durable.

Individual Abutments Price List

Item Price
One-piece milled individual abutment with fixation (abutment) screw (Ti) CAD/CAM 80
Zirconia (zirconium dioxide) ndividual abutment with titanium base and fixation (abutment) screw (ZrO2) CAD/CAM 80