Manufacturing Dental Mouthguards (Essix Retainers)

Manufacturing Dental Mouthguards (Essix Retainers)

Our laboratory manufactures dental mouthguards (Essix retainers) for teeth whitening and for the protection of teeth from abrasion and mechanical damage. Our specialised equipment allows to craft any type of the appliance customized for every patient: every appliance is crafted according to a client's individual jaw cast. In our work we use safe and ecologically clean materials that are hypoallergenic.

The appliance fits snugly over teeth, can be easily removed and is almost invisible for other people. Depending on their intended function, dental mouthguards can have different degree of flexibility and thickness.

Dental mouthguards fabricated in our laboratory ensure optimized aesthetics and durability. Thin clear material guarantees excellent appearance of the appliance. The appliance does not cause any inconvenience to the patient and does not loose its shape in time. Many years of experience and availability of specialised production machinery from leading world's brands allow us to guarantee a high quality of final results and production in the minimum time period.

Dental Mouthguard Manufacturing Price List:

Item Price
Dental mouthguard for teeth whitening (1 jaw) 60