Surgical Templates

Surgical Templates

Surgical Templates

Our laboratory has professional equipment and technical capabilities that allow to fabricate surgical templates of any complexity due to the use of 3D modeling technique. Final appliances look like clear plastic retainers (mouthguards), or caps, with holes that provide a high level of accuracy when placing dental implants. Future implant position is pre-operatively planned with the use of CT scan.

The use of surgical templates enhances the accuracy of implant placement and reduces the duration of surgery. The technique ensures maximum convenience during an implant placement procedure, reduces traumas and complications. A patient can be given a clear predictable result of the procedure.

The use of surgical templates is necessary in cases of bone atrophy, complete or partial adentia, implant placement in the anterior part of the mouth and in a number of other situations when precise positioning of implants is required.

When you order a surgical template (guide) in our laboratory, you receive further benefits:

Implant placement is performed according to proper orthopedic positions. Before implant placement, we fabricate a digital Wax Up of the future orthopedic constructions.

Placement, positioning of implants and the design of a surgical template is performed by our operating dental surgeon (implantologist).

We talk over the implant positions with you by sending the guided surgery plan or remotely via an online meeting.

Templates are printed on Formlabs 3D printer using Dental SG resin. Templated can be autoclaved.

Manufacturing time is 5 days.

To order a surgical template, you need to provide:

Precision (situation) and auxiliary (antogonist) impressions or final models, as well as bite registration (occlusal record).

CBCT image in DICOM format.

If you have a surgical navigation system, we will be glad to design and fabricate for you a surgical template for full navigation.

Surgical Templates Price List

Item Price
Tooth-supported surgical template for guided pilot drilling (up to 3 implants), including sleeves 90
Tooth-supported surgical template for guided pilot drilling (4-5 implants), including sleeves 100
Surgical template for complete adentia, including sleeves 130