Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Removable Dentures

Depending on a patient's dental defects, we manufacture a number of different types of prostheses: removable full dentures, fixed dentures and removable partial dentures. The first two types of dentures are attached directly to gums or implants. Removable partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain. Partial dentures are attached to these teeth by different connectors, such as clasps, attachments and others.

Clasp (bugel) framework prosthesis with nylon base

Dentures made of a combination of nylon and clasp (bugel) framework result in excellent aesthetics since the final product comprises all the benefits of the clasp prosthesis and the aesthetics of the nylon prosthesis.


excellent fixation and stabilisation due to the use of clasp (bugel) framework;

metal elements are unnoticeable due to the use of aesthetic nylon dentoalveolar clasps.

Clasp (bugel) framework prosthesis with nylon base
Clasp (bugel) prosthesis with Biodentaplast base

Clasp (bugel) prosthesis with Biodentaplast base

a type of clasp (bugel) prostheses without a metal U-shaped bar. The framework is made of Biodentaplast (Bredent), a material that incorporates properties of plastic and nylon. The material has colours A1, A2, A3, B2, B3 according to the VITA scale. It is soft and elastic but high impact resistant, easily processed, non-toxic. Since it is metal free, it does not undergo galvanisation and looks lifelike.

The prosthesis consists of three parts:

A framework and a clasp (semi-crystalline thermoplastics with linear structure is defined by such exclusive physical and chemical characteristics as toughness and stiffness);

Acrylic base;

Acrylic teeth

An upper jaw prosthesis can be placed when at least 4 natural teeth remain in the upper jaw.

Removable Dentures Price List:

Item Price
Removable full denture (acrylic) 120
Removable partial denture (acrylic) Starting from 90
Immediate denture (nylon, up to 3 teeth) 70
Acry Free denture 120
Nylon denture (bre.flex 2nd edition) Starting from 90
Clasp (bugel) denture with nylon base 250
Clasp (bugel) denture (metal, biodentaplast) 200